These are all genuine comments received from guests in the first 4 years of rentals:

“This truly is a very special place”.

Charlie Dowdeswell, Scotland – September 2016

“What a fantastic property, with wonderful scenery. The river room is a fantastic place to sit and read and listen to the river passing by… Just a shame it’s now time to go home!”.

The Newport family, England – August 2016

We had a lovely time at Waterfall Cottage; it is a wonderful place… The children spent lots of time scaling the mountain and playing pooh sticks. …Very comfortable house, great kitchen… We are foodies so it was lovely to be so well equipped. And we felt in the lap of luxury in the master bedroom. It is a beautiful, beautiful place and we would highly recommend it.”

Sonja Dineley, England – October 2015

Despite it not being the best of summers, we had a fantastic time at Waterfall Cottage. We loved the house, the views, the quiet evenings with a fantastic fire… We did a lot of fishing and other activities and had a nice dinner at Delphi Lodge. We love the West of Ireland so much that we probably will come back at the beginning of May. So everything was perfect. “

Andre van Nimwegen, Netherlands – August 2015

 “We may be in heaven… Thank you so much for letting us rent your wonderful home. We all had a wonderful time and the cottage is truly lovely… We are used to staying in a smaller cottage so our teenagers loved having the extra room and comfort of Waterfall, which meant they could bring friends to stay.  The weather was really not good, but this did not deter the teenagers from sea swimming and the adventure centre arranged a beautiful evening kayak.  The drying room is splendid. We spent two days fishing with Tom, being a most gentle and kind and wise ghillie for me, as I have never tried proper salmon fishing before.  We saw lots of beautiful fish, but sadly only caught tiddlers.  This means I am just going to have to try again!””

Vicky Ford, England – August 2015

“We loved Waterfall Cottage. Thank you. The weather was mixed, but that’s to be expected in Ireland! The cottage was really relaxing and a joy to be in. It was well equipped with everything you could want. Also the surrounding area is so beautiful. We managed to do lots of exploring.”

Ailish Doohan, England – August 2015

“We have returned from what was a fantastic break for us all. Just what was needed! The cottage is everything and more than expected… We had planned to go out for most suppers but did the opposite as to stay put was far preferable. We were guided through two great fishing days on Lough Corrib, the guides managing to accommodate a broad mixture of fishing talents and enthusiasm. Hamiltons Bar is awesome! Within half an hour they had arranged a taxi and a supply of good quality logs and fed us particularly well. Mine was the Crab Sandwich – superb! Thank you so much for a truly wonderful week. Judging by the comments of the others in the family, you probably haven’t heard the last of us!”

Lena Pearson-Wood, England – May 2015

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the use of your cottage. We had such a wonderful time and even dropped into the lodge for supper one night, which was super fun. Also had smashing weather… My mum was asking me about availability later in the year…

Ross Leonard, Dublin – March 2015

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful space for us.  It really was the perfect environment to celebrate our birthdays and the Christmas/New Year season. It was especially fulfilling to witness the happiness my parents experienced living in such a wild area of Ireland, with the ever-changing landscape and occasional snow on the hilltops. It was almost impossible to leave as we all felt that there was still so much to experience in the area.”

Stephen Knight, Australia – December 2014

We couldn’t have been happier with our choice to stay at the cottage…and all of the information provided beforehand, including the photos, the description of the house and accommodations, furnishings, etc., was right on point.  Of course, we were the beneficiaries of some great weather – in two weeks it only rained the first day we arrived.  This was my sixth time to Ireland and only the second for my bride.  When we told people we were going to Leenane for two weeks we generally heard things like ‘Well, good luck…that’s the rainiest part of Ireland!’ … We enjoyed the remote location, it fitted our preference to a T. We have every intention of returning to Waterfall and will certainly recommend it to our friends “

Tom Krampitz, USA – September 2014

 We had a really fantastic holiday so much so that we intend returning. The cottage is in a unique position in that it is in a really tranquil setting whilst being very close to nearby towns. We have no complaints, just compliments. I am sure you are looking forward to returning yourself. If I needed one negative comment, it is that the salmon weren’t taking, which did not annoy me as I don’t fish, though I did see a rather glum looking Dutchman!”

David Slater, England – July/Aug 2014

 My family enjoyed this idyllic cottage for a week in July, 2014 and it was pure heaven.  We have traveled to the Connemara area many, many times and usually stay close to Ballynahinch Castle.  This time, we wanted to be more out in the country and on our own…  The kitchen is a dream.  I cooked several big dinners at the house.  There was not a tool, pan or appliance that I needed and could not find.  The fireplace is lovely and the view from every window, porch and deck is glorious.  The bedrooms are spacious and comfortable.  The housekeeper, Geraldine, is lovely, helpful and good at what she does.

“The house is 8 twisty miles from the closest village (Leenane), which may be off-putting to some, but we loved its remoteness.  That said, a short walk from the cottage is Delphi Lodge where we enjoyed a spectacular lobster dinner.  The folks at Delphi Lodge are the salt of the earth.  We used their fishing guide when the boys and men in my party wanted to fly fish a local lough.  Suffice to say:  Stop in at Delphi Lodge.  Buy some smoked salmon and try to get a dinner reservation.  From Waterfall Cottage, we were able to go deep sea fishing out of Westport, explore Cong and Ashford Castle, walk all over the Kylemore Abbey grounds, have dinner at Ballynahinch Castle’s special restaurant, had a great meal at Mitchell’s in Clifden and we drove to the coast where we flew in a puddle-jumper to the Aran Islands and hiked up Dun Aengus.  One day, I stayed home at the cottage.  I read, worked a jigsaw and then walked to the Delphi Adventure Centre where there is a spa.  No kidding – a lovely spa.  I got a massage, had lunch in their little café and booked a ropes course activity for our 14 year-old boys. The boys loved the ropes course and were dying to try their sea kayaking adventure, but we ran out of days.  Can’t say enough good things about this lovely place.”

Polly O’Toole, USA – July 2014

“Our stay was wonderful! The beds are great, it’s easy to keep clean, it was wonderful. Now, if you ever consider selling it, we would certainly be interested…

 Marina McBrearty, San Francisco, USA – June 2014

“I had high expectations for the trip and can honestly say that it exceeded those in every way. What a fantastic property you have. We enjoyed it immensely, along with our walks to the lodge, spa, lake and surrounding areas. Lots of pub time, including several pints and a great crab sandwich by the fire at Hamiltons Bar. Thank you so much for your hospitality

Mike Tomek, Canada – Sep 2013

“What a stunning house in a beautiful location! We had a perfect week, with some unexpectedly good weather… We felt so relaxed and comfortable in such a beautifully furnished house and cooked some lovely meals in the very well equipped kitchen… A truly wonderful time had by all.”

Pam Shaw, England – Aug 2013

“Thanks for the use of your property.  We had a fabulous, relaxing holiday.  I particularly loved the downstairs lounge…”.

Ian Griffiths, England – Aug 2013

“We had a very nice week. Thank you very much. We were especially pleased with the kitchen, which was very well equipped (and the coffee machine!)…  The cottage is in a truly beautiful location and we went fishing one afternoon with Tom from Delphi Lodge, which we really enjoyed”.

Kathleen Macadam, County Wicklow – Aug 2013

“A most wonderful place – a home from home… There is something of magic in that lovely glen between the mountains of Mweelrea, the scent of heather and peat, the rushing waters, the swaying orange-gold crocosmia, the nonchalant sheep… Thank you, Peter & Jane, for keeping on this house and allowing others to share the magic you have lived with these past twenty years. Salut!”

Dr Tazi Husain, England – Aug 2013

“We absolutely loved the cottage. Everything about it was fabulous. It was definitely the nicest place we have ever stayed in Europe”.

Kerrie Bann, Canada – July 2013

“My husband did not have much luck with salmon during the stay, but we did go for a couple of great hikes.  The midges and horse flies were very annoying this time of the year but overall we had a very good time. Thank you”.

Pancy Galvin, Hong Kong – July 2013

“A very pleasant week. I even caught a salmon at Delphi (8lbs 8oz)! Many thanks for the use of your home”.

Brian McHenry, Northern Ireland – May 2013

“You have the most lovely home and natural environment. The energy there is so refreshing. We are looking forward to coming back soon…. I think you will have many more visitors…”

Susan Engle, USA – Apr 2013

“Thanks very much for providing us with such an enjoyable opportunity. The house is amazing and set in one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen. I had such an amazing time there and left with many great memories…”

Henry Wallis, England – Jan 2013

“It was a great few days, with views that match New Zealand…. The house was comfortable and homely. Thanks again…”

Ali Gray, England – Jan 2013